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Why hire a packaging designer specialist?

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Packaging is often the first and only touchpoint to a future customer.

When you own a business that manufactures and/or distributes a product, your packaging is usually the first point of contact …and impressions matter.

Packaging can be as simple as a plain paper bag or as complex as pharmaceutical-grade blister packs encased in a custom-shaped, form-fitting box. So how does one navigate this ever-changing sea of options and determine how you're going to best present your goods?

Believe it or not, it starts with branding and asking questions about how you want to be distinguished in the marketplace. Long before we look at your packaging, there are many variables that help shape this decision. Pricing, budget, who will be manufacturing your packaging and what are the limitations of their equipment/facility, your retailers might have certain restrictions, shipping and the lead-times or deadlines are just a few of the more obvious considerations. What about the packaging features your customers will see? Are your customers environmentally conscientious? Will compostable materials or recycling be a selling point? Will the packaging be thrown away right after it gets home or does the packaging remain and is stored with the product to keep it clean or protected?

These are just a sample of the questions a packaging specialist will be asking you long before we get to design and that is the difference. We know packaging, it's what we focus on.

Branding encompasses far more than your logo and corporate colours and your packaging is so much more than just something you ship your products in.

Find out how a packaging specialist can help you and give us a call.

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