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Mountain Medicinals Pain Relief Now

Case Study:  Mountain Medicinals, PRN (Pain Relief Now) topical pain relief spray was a product aimed at athletic, outdoorsy, people with sport related pain.



PRN was aimed at a narrow market and the client wanted to reach a wider audience.


We discussed the product name as just an acronym, "PRN",  and how it may be too ambiguous for a larger audience and not convey a clear enough message. The naked running men on the old packaging might also make some people wonder if this product was for them. We also talked about the juxtaposition of the naked figures with the dark mountain scene at the top. 



I started with the logo and since he had nothing in place, I had a clean slate to work with.  I looked at the core values of their company, how they were pharmacists who sourced, and enhanced the only natural, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.


With the logo, rather than focus on an image with a mountain range, I merged the M’s together to graphically symbolize this and created the icons below to convey both the natural and scientific aspects of their products, skills, and values.


For the packaging, they wanted to retain the aluminum bottles but rather than show two full bodies running, I illustrated an image of a single person in pain and focused on pain relief by highlighting possible pain zones in pink.


These changes, combined with the full name of the product in large type, conveys a much stronger shelf presence.

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