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DFresco Flatbreads

CASE STUDY  Island City Baking, Mediterranean Flatbread is an example of why you shouldn’t hire a printing company to do your branding and design design.



The old design shows what happens when you hire people that don’t do design or branding for a living but offer it asa throw-in service. 

While the old design certainly meets all the Canadian Food Guide labeling requirements, it failed to offer any “shelf appeal”, marketing potential or even a contemporary look.  


Generally, printers are only interested in the design that you are going to print with them and have no desire to help you once your needs expand beyond their print capabilities. That’s when you run into consistency problems and your brand message suffers. 



I worked with the client to rebrand his product line to DFresco,a range of traditional-recipe, Italian products. The new logo uses a Romanesque font and graphics that echo the pillars and leafy elements found in Roman frescos.


For the bag design,  I developed a “take you there” postcard feeling of how his foods and recipes can transport you to the Italian regions of origin.  I worked with a great, food photographer and art-directed the shoot.


The client was able to increase his pricing with this new approach.

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