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Caffé D‘arte 


Caffé D'arte was a mature company needing a re-fresh to their branding and packaging.



Though Caffé D'arte had a loyal client base, they were finding that their growth had stagnated.


A rebrand: The logo and tag line need to be refocused on simplicity, elegance, and their Italian identity. The logo would simplify to a word mark with the tag, "Italia Coffee Rosters" to target a key identifier for them and also the Italian flag, for a hit of colour. 

With wth logo completed, I moved on to their packaging. The client still loved his black black bags and wanted to keep that element but now having the new logo boldly run up the side and adding Italian lace to the side gusset panels, the base bag becomes the harmonious backdrop for the hit of colour on the flavour stickers added by the barista.

A bold new update and one that captures more attention keeps packaging costs down, and attracts new customers!

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