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AYU Natural Beauty Care

Case study - AYU Natural Beauty Care came to me with their poorly designed packaging that made their products look like dollar store items. They were having difficulty growing their sales.



Her original logo didn’t work for cosmetic/skin care packaging because the flowers took up valuable real estate without saying anything. This was especially problematic with the smaller jars and bottle labels.


The label had no clear hierarchy of information but the company logo needed to be updated before this could even be addressed.



Rather than throw out all of their existing brand elements,I redesigned the logo incorporating some of the original floral graphics within the new wordmark.  This now updates the branding, will be easier to use on smaller labels and is more in keeping with the skin care industry look.


For the packaging, I have vastly improved the polish of their presentation. The old flip-top bottles and labels made the line look low-end, which cheapened these otherwise hand-crafted, all-natural products sourced from quality ingredients.


By going more upscale with her bottles and jars, fixing her logo and cleaning up the artwork, the client now has a line of products that competes in higher-end stores.

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