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Hi, I'm Cynthia Pomerleau, the Packaging Girl.
I've spent over 26 years in the packaging industry, both in the manufacturing/printing side as well as working in ad agencies, graphic design houses and as a sole-proprietor.  I offer a unique blend of branding, design, production-to-print, and marketing savvy. 


Welcome! I'm so glad you've found your way to my website. As a designer who is passionate about storytelling and branding, I see packaging as the first (and often the only) touchpoint for many of your future customers. 


Whether you're competing in the market on price, value, uniqueness of your product/packaging or a combination of all three, your branding and packaging has to convey a unified message to capture attention and make it to the checkout.


My mission is simple: I use my extensive knowledge of design, packaging substrates, federal packaging regulations, manufacturing, and storytelling to help your products really stand out on store shelves. 


Email or call me for a free consultation.


Together, we can show the world what you have to offer.  :)

T: 1+ 778.228.9230

What clients have said:

"We have found Cynthia to be a large part of our success over the years. …Cynthia is always professional and pleasant to work with and always has a fresh and relevant perspective on consumer and business trends."
Carmelo De Luca | President, Island City Baking and Conte Food Importers

"Cynthia is a key contributor in helping my customers get their products to market in record time. Her background in design for packaging and her extensive print experience takes weeks off of a normal design timeline. From concept to finished packaging, I choose Cynthia."
Keith Dunne | Account Manager, PolyCello

"I have used Cynthia's expertise over the years and have found her attention to detail and follow up to be excellent. As a printer, her working files are top-notch, which makes my execution of a design much more efficient."
Ken Gallie | President, LabelPak Printing Inc.

"As a start-up company, we have found Cynthia to be a great asset in developing impactful labels that have generated consumer interest for our brands. I would highly recommend her."
James Hartman | Owner, irRAWsistible Pet Foods Inc.

The work done by Cynthia has helped us improve our brand image tremendously and we have seen increased (website) traffic and revenues."
Seema Plaha | President, AYU Natural Beauty Care.

"Showed Jason my new logo. His immediate reply........."Mint".......!!!!! Meaning of course....great...!!!"

Ray Forsman | Owner, Suquamish Princess Seafoods LLC.

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